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Never Surrender the Vision

An article about holding the vision, such that the only way that the tension between current reality and the vision can be reduced is by current reality moving towards the vision. ...

Posted by: Sunfeather
Sun 13 Nov 2011

Aesthetics - The Value of beauty

Aesthetics and the value of beauty bear a direct relation on establishing moral codes and ethics that are not dependent on rigid rules and laws ...

Posted by: Sunfeather
Mon 14 Nov 2011


To manage a transformation that impacts the whole collective for the better, massive infrastructure change is required, implemented for smooth transition without destructive chaos. ...

Posted by: Sunfeather
Fri 25 Nov 2011

Restoring the Garden

The Environment is degraded by human action. From pollution of oceans, deforestation, desertification, fresh water shortage and related sanitation issues, air quality, soil quality and fertility, through to noise pollution, pharmaceuticals, toxic chemicals and industrial waste, our current collective modality is harmful to all life. ...

Posted by: Sunfeather
Fri 16 Dec 2011

Resonant Exchange Economy

The concept of a Resonant Exchange Economy stems from the recognition that in life, all there is, is energy. from the smallest sub-atomic quanta to the magnitude of stars, everything is energy expressing as the manifest. ...

Posted by: Sunfeather
Sat 28 Jan 2012

Education as Enrichment

Our entire attitude and approach to education requires re-evaluation. Education begins with enrichment. Providing the mirrors for a child to know itself, within its environment in a way that serves the individuality of the child, and progresses to empower the child to express its uniqueness within the community. ...

Posted by: Sunfeather
Wed 22 Feb 2012

Science and Aesthetic

The paper, 'Re-defining Aesthetics to Develop Human Survival Technology', published by Professor Robert Pope, is a definitive statement addressing the ignorance of the cultural rigidity that establishes a diabolic commitment to ultimate extinction. Such cultural rigidity is diabolic in that it establishes destruction rather than creation as the fundamental basis of Universal Energy Law. ...

Posted by: Sunfeather
Tue 14 Aug 2012

Self Authority

Self Authority v's Scarcity consciousness ...

Posted by: Sunfeather
Tue 28 Mar 2017


Notes on the nature of PsyOps ...

Posted by: Sunfeather
Tue 11 Apr 2017

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Hyperloop Startup Reveals Update for Futuristic Transit System

Hyperloop One disclosed the next step in its plan to revolutionize the future of ...

Posted by: Sunfeather
Tue 11 Apr 2017

Donald J. Trump and The Deep State

The Deep State - those who shape the direction of the world to their own benefit ...

Posted by: Sunfeather
Wed 29 Mar 2017

Honesty of President of Uruguay surprising Rio +20 summit speech

Eastern Republic of Uruguay to address the Rio+20 conference, Mr. Jose Mujic ~ ...

Posted by: Sunfeather
Tue 21 Aug 2012

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Empowerment Resources

Empowerment resources will in the future offer training/learning resources related to the site category structure.

My personal interest in the awesome vigesimal numerology of the Mayan culture is maintained at "Time" ~ A GFC subdomain, where I keep an update on 'day resonances' from the Mayan and Dreamspell Calendars.

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